Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little G is Growing Up

He rolls! He has been teasing us for a while now by rolling over every now and then but on Monday he mastered it! He can easily roll over from his back to his tummy! He has been having a little trouble going the other way but tonight, as I'm writing this, I've seen him flip from his tummy to his back twice! So maybe he's getting the hang of that too. It's so fun to see him so interested in the world around him, wanting to touch everything...and then eat it:) I'm so glad I've been able to share everyday, all day with him. It has been a hard adjustment being home all alone with him, sometimes not sure what to do with him and how to entertain him. But I love that I know him so well and we're best friends. He embeds himself deeper in my heart everyday and as time passes I see he feels the same way about me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our trip to California

We visited my parents in northern California for about 11 days. It was a really fun trip where Gabriel got to spend some more time with my mom and meet my dad.

Laying on the bed with my dad

We found him a used Bumbo on Craigslist for $10! They're $40 new. I'm not sure he likes it, he tries to get out the whole time he sits in it. But at least it gives him a chance to sit up on his own Just sucking on his fingers with my momSitting with my cousin, Lisa, at his first basketball game. We were sitting under one of the hoops (it was a rec game in a small cafeteria "gym" and those were the only open seats). He would freak out, but in an excited way, when the girls charged down the court. It was so funny!
It was such a great trip. We were able to take lots of walks because the waether was so mild. It did rain a lot, but that was nice because I LOVE the rain and it doesn't rain enough in Utah. We ate good. I'm off dairy because Gabriel is sensitive to it. Arcata is a big vegetarian/vegan town so I had some good dairy-free treats. The local frozen yogurt shop, Redwood Yogurt, had dairy-free vanilla yogurt and dairy-free waffle cones. I was also served special vegan bread before dinner at Mazzotti's, a local Italian restaurant. And my mom tweaked some recipes for me so I could still eat her good, homemade food. We were sad to leave, but it sure was good to see Gabe!

Four Months and Counting

Gabriel and I celebrated his 4 month mark on the 21st in Arcata, California - my hometown. He is getting so big and he's so much fun. He continues to talk, blow raspberries, and sometimes giggles when he gets tickled under his chin, his tummy, or his thighs. I need to get him a Johnny Jump-Up because he jumps when I have him stand on my legs. He has been known to roll onto his tummy and then back to his back, but he likes to tease us with this and we've only caught him doing it a couple times:) He hasn't figured out that his arm gets in the way of rolling over and that makes him frustrated. He's a little sweetie and loves to be held. I'm working on getting him to say "mama"!