Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saving $$$ Online

If you buy from Amazon, Target or any other online store you should check There is a search bar in the website where you put the store or website that you are looking to buy from, if there are any current discounts or coupons it would find them for you.
I got this website form Beth, and have passed it on to some of my friends and coworkers. I have mentioned it to some, but today my boss told me that he purchased a lot of things from and saved about $80. Anyway, I just wanted to post it and share it. I have not purchased anything using their coupons, so I don't assume any responsabilty. Hope anyone out there could benefit from this.
Here are other websites that I have used in the past and often look to see if there are any good deals. They sell one item a day until it runs out. Sometimes excellent deals. concept as the one above, mostly electronics and computer related items Now, this one looks at the current sales and deals in the internet. You can pretty much find anything from flash drives to bedding and kitchen supplies. Type your web address and see what discounts you can get.
Alright, if anyone out there finds any of these websites usefull, or purchases something let me know.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Closed deal!

We have a car!!!
The deal is closed and we got the loan. We are very excited. We finally get to drive a four door car with an automatic engine. Erin is finally able to drive and to drop me at school when needed. That makes me very happy. Anyway, just wanted to share with everyone.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our New Used Car...Maybe

2006 Nissan Sentra. 1.8 L Sport
This could very possibly be our "New Used" Car. We are waiting for our loan to go through, so cross your fingers for us. Erin and I really liked it. It supposedly gets 27 mpg city and 34 highway (We sure hope so) and it still has a warranty. It is not the coolest, but it sure beats driving our crashed Mustang or the "Big Old Van".

This is how our 1997' Mustang looked after the accident. We really miss her, she has been part of the family for the longest time. I had this car before I met Erin, so the Mustang was there for all of our dates and travels. She took us to Long Beach and to Erin's first visit to Disneyland. She also took us to Arcata two times and twice to Washington State, first to Seattle and then to Spokane. She has been to Las Vegas back and forth many times. I guess I see where the 178,000 miles went. She treated us well and never broke down on us. She really took care of us. She will be missed.

This is where we got hit first, it does not look as bad as the front...weird

And here is the van that we drove for a while. It is so sweet. It has mood lights inside, and a couch that folds into a bed. If it wasn't like a hundred years old it would be even better. I guess back in 1990 it was very hip and cool. It has a great pink interior with matching curtains and hook ups for TV and a VCR! It was fun driving it around BYU and around our neighborhood. I will surely miss the looks that some people around the neighborhood gave us.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Car Shopping (Used Car Shopping:)

We need a new post! I will follow up with some pictures but for right now it'll be just text. We have been car shopping this weekend. We found one we really like: an '06 Honda Accord with 30,000 miles for $13,9995. But we have decided we are going to take a little more time and do some more searching. We will probably have this car for the next 5+ years and at least 2 kids probably, maybe even 3. That's a good deal, but I think we can find an even better one. I am really excited to get a new car, and so is Gabe. He has been looking hard and doing a lot of research.
We were going to drive Gabe's high school car, a 1989 Dodge Colt, but after we got it working and registered, as we were driving it home, it sounded like it was about to die. So much for that idea! But we will post pictures of our little Colt and Mustang. They are sitting outside our house on the street.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I (Erin) have been tagged by Ang.
I took a bit, but here I go:

10 years ago: I was in seventh grade at Sunny Brae Middle School. I was probably getting ready for the Spelling Bee season or it may have already started. I was in Young Women’s and may have been hating it; I didn’t get along with some of the girls… Lindsay and I were probably riding bikes all the time playing moms

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Clean house
2. Prepare Primary lesson
3. Do my internship work
4. Do my taxes online
5. Exercise

What would I do if I became a millionaire?
Buy a house, give some money away to some people I know need some, buy a new car, take a huge, really expensive vacation, buy some new clothes and decorations for my house

5 Jobs I've had:

1. McDonald’s
2. Attendant in Women’s Locker Room at BYU
3. Office Manager
4. Worked in a tux shop
5. Stroller Watch at BYU Stadium (yeah it’s just what it sounds like)

5 things people don't know about me:
1. I’m kind of scared of driving
2. I was a hardcore spelling bee participant for 6 years
3. I have a habit of chewing on my fingernails. I don’t bite, just chew…
4. I want to have a natural birth when I have a baby…no drugs
5. I still sleep with my teddy bear from when I was like 4. He and Gabe share the bed:)