Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference updates

-Courtesy of Val from Valory Jean Photography

It has been since last General Conference since the blog has been updated. Its only fitting to update again.

It sure has become harder to keep up with certain things since the arrival of Jacob.

We are now a family of four. Our kids now match us in numbers, which is a little scary.

Jake is now crawling and standing up with the aid of the couch or the non-coffee table. It is really cute to see him excited.

Gabriel is just as energetic as always. He loves to read and often pretends to be reading books by himself. Gabriel has memorized pretty much the entire lyrics to "lets get down to business" song from Mulan. Don't ask how we got started on that. He also loves dinosaurs and sounds really cute when he says lambeosaurus and stegosaurus.

-Courtesy of Val from Valory Jean Photography

Gabe was admitted into the PR program at BYU last year and we are working on being done next April. Woot, woot!!!

We currently have a tent in the middle of our living room so we can watch conference.

We also played General Conference bingo and for every apostle picture that Gabriel recognized he got a skittle.

Our little boys love each other. Gabriel often says "He needs me" or "Its okay Jakey" when he cries. :)