Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Fall Pictures

I love Fall! These were taken right before his birthday party at the park just down the street from our house. It's a great park and it looks beautiful right now with all the fall leaves. He LOVES playing outside and we like going down to the park to explore. He's just so fun to spend the day with!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Gabriel

Happy Birthday to our little boy. He has grown so much, and everyday shows us something new. He was born October 21st 2008. We now share our anniversary with him and will forever. We are thankful for his love and spirit, and are grateful to have him with us.

Thanks to our friends Becca and Gordon for letting us use their home to get together and
celebrate. Also thanks to everyone else for your love and support of Gabriel.

The morning began with breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes and milk to celebrate. After some running around and a bit of playing, we were ready to keep on going.

But not before a well needed nap!

After our nap, we were off to Gabriel's favorite restaurant Cafe Rio.

He loves it, and so do we.
After that we were off to the grocery store where Gabriel practiced his driving skills.

After our adventure at the store, we decided to go to the park and hang out and take some pictures. It was a little cold, but Gabriel did not mind it.

Once Gabriel was done with the park it was time to go to Becca's and celebrate with the family and have some cake.

Here is where the fun started!

He opened presents right before cake time!!!

And then we got ready to get messy

We had a great time together. Gabriel ate more cake then he should, but oh well.

Happy 1st birthday Gabriel and Happy 3 year Anniversary Erin!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Words

We love this video! When I first heard him say this I was a proud mama. A couple months ago I showed him a picture of Jesus and from then on he beams when he sees Him. It's so sweet and he even grabbed a picture I showed him at the Distribution Center and kissed it! It's so fun to hear him really say words.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Catching up 2nd post


The regular bed time routine with Gabriel is dinner, bath time and then getting him ready for bed. Gabriel enjoyed some spaghettios this particular night.

Then bath time!

Last Wednesday we went to Timpview High Schools' football game. It was painful to watch since the opposing team lost terribly. We love this picture because Gabriel almost never cuddles with us, he is always on the run and ready to play, so once he did this we had to take a snap shot.

Gabriel again working on his musical skills. Since he thinks he already mastered the keyboard with his hands; he is using now his feet. Very clever.

Since September is now known as Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to have Gabriel get in touch with his inner Mexican.

Among Gabriel's very busy day, he always finds time for what is important. One of his regular routines is to go to bathroom and take everything out of the drawers. This happens every single day.
The stairs have become one of Gabriel's most important ways to stay in shape. Once he gets started going up the stairs he never stops. He goes up and down and up again. At least he gets to burn some calories. His favorite stairs are at our good friend Becca's. He gets a break before the second flight of stairs.
And finally! One day we came home and we found a huge spider! I have never seen anything like this in real life. I have seen plenty on TV and the Zoo, but never at my doorstep. HUGE!!!

3 months behind, lets get caught up

It has been 3months since the last post. Erin's birthday was the 19th of August. Gabriel and Erin visited Arcata, CA. for about 12 days and well, lets see if we can catch up.

Gabriel is about to turn one and there have been many changes, lets see if we can show a little of what has happened.

For the last little while Gabriel has become more mobile and started getting on things and into things. This is him behind one of our couches.

He uses our corner/coffee table to then climb into the couch. He is pretty good at not falling down, although once in a while he struggles when climbing down.

Climbing on, and on and on... never stops :)

I love this picture.

Gabriel also loves playing in the kitchen with the pots and whisks.

Brushing his teeth, not many teeth to brush, but never too late to start.

Happy Birthday Erin!!!

Gabriel has also started dancing to almost any music or noise. He especially loves Erin's ring tone "bugs"

And on those musical lines, here he is playing the keyboard. Very talented young man.

That was the month of August in a nutshell. Coming very soon... September and California Trip!