Friday, February 22, 2008

Mely and Jeremy's Wedding

Today Mely and Jeremy got married! She will now be known as Melisa Ulibarri. It was a really low key wedding. Only our immediate family and some of my sister's friends were there. We had some really good Carne Asada, cake and much more. We are so happy that things are working out for Jeremy and Mely. Good luck in Las Vegas and don't gamble all your money. We'll see you guys soon ;0)
PS: When a man and a woman love each other... (Just Kidding)

Love Erin and Gabriel
(Aqui abajo les dejo las demas fotos para que las vean)

Our Trip

Here are some of the pictures that we took in L.A and Mississippi.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dinner with the Pack Clan

This post goes to everyone, but especially to Thom, Cyndi, Lindsay and Tommy. Here are some pictures of the family down in Mississippi and some of the great food that we had. I tried to get everybody, but we were just too many :0)
Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


While visiting various establishments I could not help but notice the devotion that our friends from the South have. I can really appreciate how some people show that they are "true" Christians.

And I thought that being Christlike was enough...

Friday, February 15, 2008


This is my first time in the great state of Mississippi. We had a great time riding with Ronnie and Beth. We sang along to some "Air Supply", "Chicago", "Blue October" , "Guns n' Roses" among others. Unfortunately Becca was not with us since she had a concert to attend to, but we'll see her tomorrow.
Being in Mississippi is really cool. We are now visiting the rest of the family. We are staying at the Packs' ( Blair and Aunt Betty Jane). Thanks for the accommodations.
Tonight we visited Kevin and Cindy and had really good pulled pork. There we met their children Lindsey, Caroline, and Jonathan. Almost the whole Pack family was there. One of the highlights of the night was seeing Emma wearing her cute little new glasses. She looks very cute wearing them.
We had a really good time hanging out by the fire and by the pool. Emily and Hilton were there with Sam, Jack, and Sophie. I guess Maddie was at a sleepover. Also Amanda, Matthew, John, Emma and Ava were there, and we'll see David tomorrow . It was a full house. I also met Jenny and Mike, and their children Parker and Cade.

Everyone has been really good to us, and we feel right at home. I have felt that "Southern Hospitality" that many talk about. Thanks "Ya'll" for the love and hospitality you've shown to us.
We are having a really good time, and who knows, Erin and I might even get up really early in the morning and go for that "Family-Morning-Run" that Beth and Ronnie talk so much about ;0)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Big Easy

Well, this is a shout out to the South. Especially to "The Ronster", "Beccaster and "The Bethster" (these titles are not official and we are not responsible for any further damages caused to their emotional well being)
We are currently in Hammond visiting Erin's family, which is my family also. Erin and I came prepared to gain a few pounds, and I think that we have already maxed out our calorie limits. There is some really yummy food down here. The seafood is amazing and I loved the "Mufalafalafala" or something like that.

For the past two days we have visited New Orleans, and it has been a blast. We went to a piano bar and we all sang to the tune of "Total Eclipse from the Heart" and "Mandy" which was great, especially for the drunk family from New York that was sitting next to us.

As tourists, we had to take some pictures in Bourbon Street. We did the expected things that visitors do and got invited to the "Weed Room" at the corner bar. All in all a regular visit I suppose.

Thanks to the Abels for their hospitality, and to Becca for letting us sleep in her room.
PS. Viewer discretion advised. Click on the third picture and pay close attention to the sign right above Erin's head; good times! ;0)